What do Christians actually believe?

Who is Jesus? What's the Bible about? What's a Christian?

The Course

If you want to find out what Christianity is really about, join us for Christianity Explored. This 8-week course explores the big ideas about who Jesus is, why he came, what he did, and what that means for us.

Each weekly session takes place in a relaxed setting in someone's home. The session runs for about two hours, and includes

  • a light supper and tea/coffee

  • a short time to get to know each other and catch up

  • looking at a part of Mark's record of Jesus life in the Bible, and talking about it,

  • watching a DVD clip, and chatting about it

You can ask any question you want, say whatever you think, or just sit back and listen. You won't be asked to read or pray out loud! Promise!

What people have said

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"And also I just started to realise who the person of Jesus Christ really was. I had had all sorts of ideas about him before; but I started reading his words, I started hearing the stories he said, I started understanding what he did — and he blew me away. I thought: “This is the person I always wanted to be like in my life. I never thought there was anyone who can be like this!” I was totally blown away by his integrity, and the things he did and the things he said."



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