Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

We often receive inquiries from parents regarding baptisms and christenings for their children.

We are always willing to discuss this with you, and help you make the right decision for you and your children.

Baptisms and christenings are often misunderstood, however. Traditionally, a christening was more of a ‘naming ceremony’.

A baptism, on the other hand,  is a spiritual activity commanded in the Bible which has no effect in itself (i.e. it doesn’t save anyone or make them a Christian), but instead illustrates the promises of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a  very real way, both to Christian adults and to their children. For this reason, we prefer to practice the Bible’s pattern of baptism at Grace (see Acts 2:38-39).

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with one of our pastors through our Contact Page. Why not also visit Grace over a few Sundays, to get a feel for our church? You can find out more about our church services here. You can also read our short pamphlet on baptism here.