The 19th Century Scottish minister, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, (sometimes spelled McCheyne) who lived from 1813-1843, prepared a plan for Bible reading to take readers through the New Testament and Psalms twice a year, and through the rest of the Bible once each year. There are approximately 4 chapters per day in this plan.

Originally MCheyne listed two columns labeled “Family” and two labeled “Secret”. He intended that the Scripture listings in the “Family” columns be read in family devotions, and those in “Secret” columns be read privately, in personal devotions.

Those with good eyesight can download it formatted in tiny print on to a single sheet of paper in in either A4 size (297mm x 210mm) or US Letter size (279mm x 216mm).

Alternatively, download it formatted onto two sheets of paper suitable for printing double-sided in either A4 size or US Letter size.