The Westminster Presbyterian Church in Australia

Grace Christian Church Buderim is part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Australia (also known as the ‘WPC’). The WPC consists of a network of Australian churches around Perth in Western Australia, across south-east Queensland, in Canberra and in Sydney.

The WPC is a small denomination that began late in the 1970’s in Western Australia. Although the denomination is relatively young we are firmly anchored in the reformed and evangelical tradition, and believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) is a faithful summary of the Bible’s teaching.

The Westminster Presbyterian Church is currently organised into a Western Australian Presbytery and a Queensland Presbytery, each of which meet quarterly to maintain relationship and continuity among the churches. The two presbyteries come together for a National Assembly every 18 months so that the business of the wider church can be discussed and enacted.

For more information please visit the WPC web page.