Robert and Loralie Handasyde, together with their children Emily and Michael, are preparing to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators and JAARS in Papua New Guinea, supporting the work of Bible translation in communities in the Ukarumpa region. Robert is a qualified helicopter pilot and instructor, and plans to use his flying skills to support the work there by flying translators, equipment, supplies and medical aid. They are in the process of relocating the the USA for training before heading out to PNG.

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Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a nation comprising the eastern half of the world's second-largest island, as well as many smaller islands. The population is about 6.5mil, of which the majority live in rural areas. The population is divided into almost about 880 people groups, speaking over 800 languages between them.

While 95% of the population identifies as Christian, only about one-quarter would be considered evangelical. Widespread  syncretism, functional illiteracy and lack of adequate Bible translations make gospel ministry notoriously difficult among these people, who are some of the most unreached peoples in the world.

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Vital Stats

Name: The Handasyde Family

Organisation: Wycliffe Bible Translators and JAARS

Region: Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Status: Training in the USA


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