Tom his family spent a number of years working on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, supporting local mission workers and teaching at Enefa Bible Training Institute. They have recently moved to the island of Santo, where Tom is involved in the Talua Theological Training Institute. The work of the Institute is to train theological literate pastors to plant and support churches across Vanuatu.

Santo, Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a small Pacific island nation of about 270,000 people, located about 1,750km from the north-eastern coast of Austalia. The population identifies largely as Christian, with a strong Presbyterian presence. However, there is the ever-present threat of the 'cargo cults', which grew up in the wake of the Second World War, when western goods were brought to the island by foreign military units.

'Espirito Santo' is the largest island in Vanuatu, with a land area of 3,955.5 km2.

Vital Stats

Name: Tom Richards

Organisation: Talua Theological Training Institute

Region: Santo, Vanuatu

Status: Active in the field