Building Project – Day #10

Starting to look like home

Paul and Ranjan have been working hard the last few days getting the main office ready for the staff team to move into during the second stage of the project. Shelves have been mounted, phone jacks and power points have been installed, and new cupboards and bench tops are now being installed today and tomorrow.

The sliding door between the main office and the new passageway as also been installed, and this will allow us to close off the work area from the office during the second stage of work.

It’s really starting to take shape!

View the plan for our new office layout here.

See the progress

Stage One

We’re rapidly nearing the end of stage one! During the course of this week, the staff team will move into the main office as work begins on stage two – renovating the old office on the other side of the new wall.

Watch this space for updates, feel free to drop by and see the progress, and please remember to continue praying for us!

Please bear with us during the renovations. We are trying to minimise disruption to ministries and worship services as much as possible. If you need to get in touch with a staff member, please use their mobile numbers or email addresses located on the front of the church bulletin, or through the contact page.