We believe church membership is a Biblical ‘next step’ in your commitment to a church family, and of that church’s commitment to you. Of course, before you commit to anything, it’s very important to know what you’re committing to.

That’s where the Next Steps course comes in.

Over four sessions, we will help you answer questions such as, “What do we believe the Bible says?”, “What does ‘presbyterian’ mean?”, “What are the values and distinctives of Grace Christian Church Buderim?”, “How does our system of church leadership work?” and, of course, “What does it mean to be a member of Grace Christian Church Buderim?”

The four sessions are outlined as:

  1. Gospel,
  2. Teaching,
  3. Church, and
  4. Community,

which each take the form of an interactive teaching session once a week for four weeks.

You can download the course booklet here.

We usually offer Next Steps twice a year.

Anyone is welcome to attend, whether or not you’re interested in membership. There’s no pressure. Even if you’re already a member, you might want to attend as a refresher.

Sign up here:

Once you’ve attended all four sessions, you’re welcome to make an application to become a member at Grace Christian Church. Membership is open to anybody who has a real and credible relationship with God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. Membership also opens up pathways to certain areas of service within the life of the church.

If you have any questions about church membership, or want to find out more about the course, please contact us.