Missions Update – October 2017


FOCUS ON: Dave & Anna Fowler 

University of the Sunshine Coast (Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

Please pray:

David Fowler

  1. That Christian students who still haven’t really connected either with AFES or a
    church will do so
  2. That non-Christian students who are seeking in their last term will be able to
    hear a clear presentation of the gospel
  3. That both leaders and students will be able to make the most of the time left in
    this semester on campus for Christ.
  4. National Training Event coming up – pray for the students who are going
    along, and for the churches they will partner with. Pray the students will receive
    effective training and be filled with enthusiasm to share Christ with those
    around them
  5. For Dave and family – ongoing wisdom, strength and endurance in their task of
    growing students in their faith, and making Jesus known on campus.


Marshall Family: David & Wendy, Callum, Douglas, Jamie

Christian Academy of Japan, Tokyo (OMF)
Please pray:

  1. For the school’s leadership and the accreditation process that is currently
    underway, that God would grant them favour in the eyes of the visiting panel
    and continue to allow the school to send out students with an accredited
  2. For God’s healing as there are many sick staff and relatives within OMF at the
    moment. Pray for peace of heart through suffering.
  3. Praise God for the positive attitudes of the Marshall boys towards school and
    work at the moment
  4. Praise God for the opportunities David and Wendy have to serve, and pray for
    wisdom and good management of their roles & responsibilities.


Richards Family: Tom & Margaret, Sam, Annie, Lucy, Tim.

Enefa Ministry Training Centre in Vanuatu (see Tom’s blog, Talking About Tanna)

Please pray:

  1. For the transitioning process as Tom prepares to take on his new role as
    Curriculum Developer. Pray that they will trust God to go ahead of them in all
  2. For Tom’s teaching to always be a clear, culturally relevant presentation of the


Tom writes;

“Please pray that we can help people to know God as a kind gift-giver who knows about
and cares about their needs, …and yet also is a benevolent and ordered sustainer, who
cares for their needs through means such as global weather patterns and the wisdom to
work hard. Ask that God will lift people’s vision beyond their felt needs, and see his love in
providing for their greater needs. Pray also for the second-year students who are struggling with these issues as they learn about Cross-Cultural Mission.”

“Over our time here, we have had the chance to help many people medically, and we know
that people value our presence for that reason. But we also ask you to pray that God will
help us to convict people of their greater sickness, and the need for a greater healer.”

Karen & Karen Hopping

Solomon Islands (Wycliffe).

Continue to pray for Karen with her teaching and for her students, that the literacy skills
learnt will change lives and that the Bible will change hearts! Pray that God will meet all
her needs.


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