Weekly Devotional – One Anothering….

While we are saved, one by one, by the Lord in His infinite mercies, we are not saved to live alone. He has placed us in His Church, the Body of Christ. Our lives are to be lived in community with one another. We are to encourage and build up one another in that fellowship until Jesus returns (Hebrews 10:24-25). If you are a member at Grace, we have committed, in the Lord, to do this, primarily, with one another at Grace. How can we tangibly do this?

  1. Read the Word for other believers. We usually read the Bible for our own personal enrichment. We should always allow God to work His Word into every aspect of our lives. But it isn’t to stop there. We should also read each passage of Scripture, listen to every sermon, with the understanding that we first ask, “How does this apply to me?” and, second, “How might this be used to encourage others?” We are commanded to be teaching, speaking and singing God’s Word to one (Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16). Ask the Lord to encourage you so that you can be built up to encourage another brother or sister from the Word.
  2. Purposefully spend time with other believers. Many Christians come to church discouraged and defeated. Some come disenchanted about life. Our warm encouragement might be just what they need that day. When the worship service is over, do you charge for the nearest door or do you head for people who need encouragement? Why not stick around whenever the church gathers to engage others and encourage them? Who knows, you yourself might also be encouraged!
  3. Persevere in your faith for other believers.  “The greatest thing you can do for a friend is to ensure that you walk with God.” This is true. Do you want to encourage and build up the body? Persevere in your own faith. It is the greatest gift that you can give another believer. Your example in His service will build up other believers.

While we are saved, one by one, by the Lord in His infinite mercies, we are not saved to live alone.

Will you help other brothers and sisters finish their journey? Will you speak words of hope and encouragement into their lives? Will you wake up to opportunities around you? Will you go into this week with a renewed passion for Christ’s return? You can single-handedly make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Please don’t be guilty of sleep walking. Live today as if Jesus could return because He just might.