Bite-Size Book Review – “A Call To Spiritual Reformation” (D.A. Carson)

Review by Del Barwick

‘A Call to Spiritual Reformation’, by D.A. Carson, © 1992 Baker House Book Company

Main theme of book

This book is about prayer. It is based on the seven sermons preached by D. A. Carson at the Church Missionary Society “Summer School” in NSW, January 1990. These in turn were based on seven prayers given by the Apostle Paul to the different churches in his letters.

First Impressions

That this was not a ‘read-through’ book but one that needed careful reflection as one read.

Overall Impression

What was your overall impression of the book, when you had finished? (10 = good, 1 = bad)

1. Readability 6
2. Clarity of Language 8
3. The book held my interest 7
4. The Message was true to Scripture 10
5. Logical progression of thought 8
6. Clear conclusions 8
7. Persuasiveness of the author 8
8. Satisfaction (Was the read worth it?) 10
9. The book challenged or taught me 8
10.How likely would you be to read this author again? 8

Comments and Conclusions.

I found that the book was one which had to be read slowly and thoughtfully. To get full benefit from it one needs to study each scripture as presented by the author. Basically, it is a study book. It is directed to Pastors or Group Leaders and Bible Study Leaders. There are sections at the end of each chapter which can be used by a group for discussion. However, all can learn something from reading its contents. It is worth a read. I read it twice.

Remember, this and other great books are available to borrow from the church library in the main foyer.