Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia is part of Compassion International, a global network of more than 12 funding countries and 25 developing countries. We are a Christian holistic child development and child advocacy ministry, committed to working in partnership with local churches around the world to foster the spiritual, economic, socio-emotional and physical development of children living in poverty.

Driven by a passion to assist children living in some of the world’s poorest areas, Compassion Australia was founded in 1977 by Laurie and Olive McCowan with a single sponsored child. Today, Compassion Australia assists over 120,000 children around the world through child sponsorship, aiming to break the cycle of poverty by working with children from the womb until they reach the workforce.

We have a three-fold focus, firstly focussing on Children as they are among the most vulnerable in a society, secondly, we do this by helping empower the local Church in a country to reach and care for children and families in their locality, this is done via our unique child sponsorship program, thirdly we are Christ centred, we want to see children released from poverty in Jesus name, so each child sponsored gets to not only hear the message of the good news about Jesus, but also gets to see the love of God in action through people in the local church.

As a sponsor you get to not only follow the progress of a child born or thrust into poverty but directly help them by giving $12 a week to help with things such as their education, medical support and nutritional food…as well as being able to pray for them and write and received letters to encourage and support, and even go and visit them if you are able.

-Simon Ward