Devotional: “Praying for your Preachers” (7 July 2019)

Last week in the sermon from Matthew 9:35-38, we saw the Saviour tell His disciples (and us) to pray for Him to raise-up labourers for the harvest.

Not only that, we should also be praying for these men who are currently serving, and those who are to come!

Do you pray for your preacher? Do you pray for him in secret? Public prayers are of little worth unless they are founded on or followed up by private praying. The praying ones are to the preacher as Aaron and Hur were to Moses. They hold up his hands and decide the issue that is so fiercely raging around them.

Here’s how you may specifically pray for us (taken from 18th century English Baptist John Gill’s commentary on 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5):

  • with respect to their private studies, that they might be directed to suitable subjects; 
  • that their understandings might be opened to understand the Scriptures; that their gifts might be increased, and they be more and more fitted for public service: 
  • and with respect to their public ministrations, that they be brought forth in the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ; that they have a door of utterance given them to preach the Gospel freely and boldly, as it ought to be spoken; 
  • and that their ministry be blessed to saints and sinners: 
  • and with respect to the world, and their conduct in it, that they be kept from the evil of it, and so behave as to give none offence, that the ministry be not blamed; 
  • and that they be not allured by the flatteries, nor intimidated by the frowns of the world, but endure hardness as good soldiers of Christ: and with respect to their persons and state, that their souls may prosper, and that they may have much of the presence of God, and much spiritual joy, peace, comfort, and strength of faith; 
  • and that they may enjoy bodily health, and their lives be spared for further usefulness.