Missions Update – July 2018

Karen Hopping

Wycliffe (Solomon Islands)
  1. Praise for how well Karen’s trip to the Solomons went this last month.
  2. Pray for Karen and little Karen as they adjust to life back in Western culture and process their experiences in the Solomons.
  3. Pray for Karen to have energy and efficiency as she continues working through email/Skype from Australia, and that this process will go smoothly.
  4. Pray for health – Karen has been in hospital this week with pain from an ovarian cyst and little Karen has also been unwell.
  5. For LASI (Literary Association of the Solomon Islands) that they will find funding to allow the Bible-based literacy training to be sustainable. For Priscilla, the director, who recently lost her husband suddenly (they have 7 children)./list_item]
  6. For Martha & Teresa– the students Karen is training to take on her role.
  7.  Pray that Bible-based literacy would continue to impact the hearts and lives of Solomon Islanders, as they read God’s word in their own language and develop a relationship with Him.


Tom Richards

Theological Training (Vanuatu)
  1. Pray for the Presbyterian Assembly meeting in August, that all will be united in their goals of reaching Vanuatu for Christ.
  2. Pray for Tom that his teaching will be appropriate to the Vanuatu context; he is currently teaching on grace, salvation and eschatology.[/list_item]
  3. Pray for the staff & students, that they will have clarity of thought & expression as they do assignments, and that they are changed personally by what they are learning.
  4. Pray for Margaret as she teaches the kids and as they settle into their new community. Pray for the kids to develop good friendships.


David & Wendy Marshall

OMF (Japan)
  1. Pray for their current home assignment that a.) that they will have many opportunities to share, challenge and encourage their churches and supporters, and b.) that God would provide for their needs while here
  2. Pray for those who take on their roles while they are away[/list_item]
  3. For Callum as he finishes up his first UQ semester, and that his financial assistance from Centrelink will begin soon.


David & Anna Fowler

AFES (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  1. Praise for the growth in numbers of Christian students attending AFES events, as well as the number of non-Christians coming along./list_item]
  2. Pray that the students will be so gripped by the love of Jesus that they transition from beneficiaries to ambassadors for Christ on campus.[/list_item]
  3. Pray for students to be trained up as small group leaders, and that from this they would be prepared for a lifetime of Christian service.
  4. Pray that AFES will get better at reaching out and retaining “fringe” students