Missions Update: ‘Proclaiming Jesus Christ at University’


In prayerful dependence on God, AFES proclaims Jesus Christ at university to present everyone mature in Him, by building student groups that evangelise, encourage, train and send.


1.  Lives Transformed by God’s Grace

AFES rests on the saving and transforming riches of God’s grace freely given through a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

2.  The Bible Shaping Our Mission, Message, and Methods.

AFES values expository Bible teaching and study, Biblical theology, and humble submission to the Bible to shape our mission, message, and methods of ministry.

3.  National Gospel Unity and Local Distinctiveness

AFES values being a national movement united in the gospel as reflected in our Doctrinal Basis, and values the freedom to conduct our Mission with local distinctiveness.

4.  Training by Modelling

AFES values every activity in our mission as an opportunity to train others through modelling godly character, convictions and competency, particularly through apprenticeships.

5.  Students and Staff in Partnership

AFES values students leading our mission through partnership with long-term, campus-based AFES staff.

6.  Partnerships in Prayer and Finances

AFES values our partnerships in the cause of the gospel on campus with supporters, graduates, churches.

7.  Local Churches

AFES values local churches as the primary expression of the body of Christ, and so values every student and staff-member having a love for and a committed involvement in a local church.

8.  Commitment to Christ’s Global Mission

AFES is committed to raising up and sending disciple-making disciples for global mission in partnership with local churches and mission agencies.


In prayerful dependence upon God, by December 2025, we long to

Double our reach

Double the number offering themselves as missionaries to serve the nations with the gospel.