Missions Update, September 2018

Each month, our GO Team gives us an update on our various mission partners. You can use these points to pray on your own, or in your Grace Community Group, for our partners in gospel mission. For more information, contact the GO Team.

Tom Richards and family

Talua College (Vanuatu)

  1. Pray for Tom as he is feeling both underqualified and short of time for his new role as “Curriculum Developer” of Talua, in charge of coordinating and facilitating the accreditation process and development of new curriculum
  2. Pray for wisdom for the family as they consider their future steps in this ministry, and with their plans to take a break in Australia around December/January

Karen and Karen Hopping

Wycliffe (Solomon Islands)

  1. Pray for Karen to have energy and efficiency as she continues working through email/Skype from Australia, and that this process will go smoothly
  2. Pray for good health
  3. For LASI (Literary Association of the Solomon Islands) that they will find funding to allow the Bible-based literacy training to be sustainable
  4. For Martha and Teresa – the students Karen is training to take on her role
  5. Pray that Bible-based literacy would continue to impact the hearts and lives of Solomon Islanders

David and Wendy Marshall

Christian Academy of Japan, OMF (Japan)

  1. That God would do the work he chooses to do through them, and that they would trust that He’s working
  2. For wisdom in balancing time, and that they will have opportunities for rest and refreshment while they are on home assignment in Australia
  3. For juggling a new school for Jamie and home-schooling for Douglas
  4. Pray for those who take on their roles in Japan while they are away

David and Anna Fowler

AFES (University of the Sunshine Coast)

  1. Pray for new students who are introduced to AFES at social events, that those who are seeking truth about Jesus can be retained by the group
  2. Pray for Christian students that they will be strengthened in their witness to friends on campus through the work of AFES
  3. Pray for encouragement and perseverance for the Fowler family, and for times of rest over the semester break





Rob and Loralie Handasyde

Wycliffe/JAARS (Papua New Guinea)

  1. Praise God for answers to prayer with the safe arrival of a healthy baby boy, Michael Graeme, this month.
  2. Praise God for those who continue to partner with us in prayer and support as we prepare to serve in PNG
  3. Pray for Robert and Loralie to balance their time and for wisdom in making decisions about the future
  4. Pray for further increases to support levels to enable them to move forward