Prayer Focus: The New School Year (20 Jan 2018)

Each week we focus our prayers on one particular area or theme. Please pray with us this week for ‘The New School Year”

  1. Thank God for the access to good education we have in Australia
  2. Pray for all teachers starting a new year, that they may have the best interests of their students at heart and be sustained through another year
  3. Pray for Christian teachers, that they might ultimately be concerned for the souls of their students, teaching with grace and wisdom, and proclaiming the gospel through action and example
  4. For Christian schools to uphold and promote Biblical truth in love, and for lawmakers to afford them freedom to do so
  5. For students to develop real friendships where they love and care for each other
  6. For Christian students to have the assurance and courage of belonging to Jesus, to stand firm against temptation, and to be lights in the world
  7. For school chaplains to be gospel-oriented in their work
  8. For RE teachers and their classes, that the Lord may use this ministry to introduce kids to himself through Jesus in his Word. Please also pray for new RE teachers!
  9. For parents, that they might be actively involved in their kids’ education, teaching them first and foremost how to love and know Jesus, and how live for him in the world

While you’re at it, tell a teacher you’re praying for them!