Prayer Focus (29 September 2019)

  1. This Week’s Focus from our Vision Statement: By grace, we are committed to learn about Jesus through the regular expository preaching and teaching of the Bible. 2 Timothy 4:2 Pray for our our preachers to approach God’s Word humbly, and not shy away from the difficult passages in the Bible; to rely on God to speak in his Word, etc.
  2. For our upcoming Bible Conference next weekend with Dr Noel Weeks — for our hearts and minds to be prepared to hear God’s Word.
  3. For those on holiday, that they find rest and new strength in their walk with Christ in their callings, and as families draw closer to you.
  4. For God’s mercies, granting us a spirit of repentance.
  5. For rain, especially for those farming and stock raising in the western parts of Queensland and New South Wales.
  6. For the work of the Gospel with our chaplains with our armed forces, giving them freedom and access to proclaim Christ and Him crucified.
  7. For our sister church in Redbank Plains, Grace Christian Church, their pastor, David Smith, and the congregation as they minister in Redbank Plains, Ipswich, and the surrounding western part of the Brisbane Metro.