Prayer Focus 24 November 2019

Each week we focus our prayers around a specific topic or need, as well as one of our Core Commitments from our church vision. The prayers in our church services will reflect this, but we’d love you to be praying with us around these things in your Grace Community Groups and in your own personal prayer time.

Mission Partners

Each month, our GO Team prepare prayer points to help us pray for our mission partners. Please join us as we commit them to the Lord in prayer.

Dave Fowler

  1. The Sunshine Coast Christian Students are leaving on Tuesday the 26th for the National Training Event in Canberra! Pray for travelling mercies and safety during the long road trip down! 
  2. Pray that the students would take the opportunity during the road trip for godly conversations to encourage each other in the faith.
  3. Continue to pray for the Fowler family during Dave’s long service leave. Pray that the family would continue to grow in love and godliness as they spend time together on their vacation.

The Handasydes

  1. Praise God for His providence in the Handasydes being able to present for us at the mission spot last month! Thank the Lord for the encouragement that came with both worshipping with them and seeing them in person!
  2. Continue to pray for the work of Bible translation in PNG. Ask that Papua New Guineans will hear and believe in the good news of Jesus Christ, and grow deeper in their faith and love for him as they receive God’s word in their own language.

The Marshalls

  1. Pray for wisdom in the Marshall’s time management, as well as taking time to relax and refresh. 
  2. Pray for the Japanese people’s hearts. Grief, loss, and fear have invaded many people’s lives through the big weather events in the last couple of months.
  3. Praise God for the safety of the Marshall’s during the recent typhoons. 
  4. Praise God for the daily strength He provides the Marshalls for the tasks He has prepared beforehand for them.

The Richards

  1. Continue to pray for the health of their children Sam, Lucy, Tim and in particular, Annie with her recovery from mumps.
  2. Praise our Heavenly Father for His continual love and care towards the Richard family.