Prayer Focus: Mission Partners (26 Jan 2020)


  1. Please pray specifically for our orientation, starting next week and continuing over 12 weeks, which includes a 3 week stint in a remote village in the lowlands.
  2. Pray for good relationships, language learning, the ability to cope with the heat(!), and especially for protection from any sickness during this time (the month of march).
  3. Pray for peace in the communities surrounding Ukarumpa.
  4. Pray that God would continue to raise up and equip people to work here in Papua New Guinea in Bible translation or support roles, as the need remains.
  5. Pray that we can find tenants for our house in Sippy downs.
  6. Pray for continued financial support.


  1. Pray that God would give Dave Fowler wisdom as he begins a new ministry at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay. Pray that the Lord would soften hearts and provide fruit in this new ministry location.
  2. Pray that Michelle Polley will settle in well as the new AFES staff worker and that she would gladly serve the Sunshine Coast Christian Students at USC.
  3. Pray for the new apprentices Kathryn Hooper and Hayden Greathead as they join the work at USC. Ask that God will use them for His glory as they take their first steps into ministry.
  4. Pray that the Lord to continue to stretch and equip Kasper Skar as he starts his second year as an apprentice. Pray for him as he thinks through what the next stage of serving Christ looks like.


  1. Pray for continued wellness.
  2. Pray that the college finds an English teacher that is committed to teaching literacy for more than a year.
  3. Pray that we teach our students well with the literacy they have and for the hearts of our students, that they will truly know the gospel and grow in the love and devotion to God.
  4. Praise that the literacy standard of new student applicants was of a high standard.
  5. Praise for the new curriculum.


  1. Pray that God will provide ongoing financial support so we can continue to work in Japan fully supported.
  2. Pray that they feel renewed/strengthened in the new year and keep their eyes on Jesus.
  3. God’s guidance as the boys think about future studies/careers.
  4. Continued prayer for OMF’s personnel needs.
  5. Praise for a time of rest and fellowship with friends over Christmas.
  6. Praise for continued healing of David’s skin.
  7. Praise for Gods provision ( financial, prayer as well as strength) during 2019.