Prayer Focus: Missions (22 Sep 2019)

Each month, our GO Team prepare prayer points to help us pray for our mission partners. Please join us as we commit them to the Lord in prayer.

Rob and Loralie Handasyde

  1. Pray for the approval of the PNG visas.
  2. Pray the Handasydes will grow their relationships with friends, family and supporters while they stay in WA and QLD.

The Richards

  1. Continue to pray for Tom’s curriculum development of Talua Theological Training Institute.
  2. Ask God to help the Richards as they prepare to move back to Australia in 2020. Especially pray for the children and that they would go through the move smoothly.
  3. Ask God to give Tom wisdom as he thinks about the possibility of working remotely from Australia.

The Marshalls

  1. Pray that God would provide new financial support pledges so that the Marshalls can continue working fully supported.
  2. Pray for the quick approval of visas for two staff at the Christian Academy of Japan.
  3. Pray for new workers to join to Japan with OMF.
  4. Praise God for the sufficient financial support so far.

Dave Fowler

  1. Pray that the leaders of the Sunshine Coast Christian Students will successfully bring people to the National Training Event in Canberra.
  2. Pray that the Christians on campus will be willing to sacrifice their time and money in getting to know Jesus better by going to the Canberra event.
  3. Pray for more successful evangelism of non-believers.