Prayer Focus: Missions (24 Feb 2019)

Calvinist Reformed Churches of Indonesia

  • Pray that the teachings of John Butler have not merely entered the heads of his students, but into their hearts as well. Pray they would be convicted to apply what they have learned into both godly living and an evangelistic spirit to reach their communities.


  • Pray that God would raise up additional instructors to faithful teach the next generation and rightly divide the Word. Ask God to grant them discernment when dealing with false doctrines or teachers and the wisdom to lovingly correct their opponents.


The Richards Family

  • Pray that God would strengthen the Richards Family by empowering them to be content while they wait for the approval of their Vanuatuan visa.


  • Thank God for using the local church in Canberra to encourage the Richards and provide fellowship during their stay in Australia. Additionally, thank Him for providing Tom with work and pray that God would be with him as he commences the teaching an intensive course on the 18th of March.


  • Continue to pray for the approval of the visa and that the Richards would return to Vanuatu in good timing.