Prayer Focus: Mission Partners (28 Apr 2019)

Bob Burnett

  1. Pray for Bob Burnett’s work in Myanmar to preach the gospel clearly and to encourage and teach the other pastors there faithfully.
  2. Pray that God would work in the hearts of the people of Myanmar to bring them out of Buddhism and into a relationship with Christ.
  3. Ask God to keep Bob Burnett safe during his travel overseas.

Rob and Loralie Handasyde

  1. Praise God for the dedicated staff at JAARS and their mentoring. Pray that they would have the wisdom to develop training programs and that they will be efficient, effective, and good stewards of their resources.
  2. Praise God for the provision of a vehicle there, thanks to a generous JAARS staff member!
  3. Pray for the current application of a visa extension as its success will allow them to complete the last month of training.
  4. Please pray for Michael’s reflux to settle down and allow him to sleep more so that Robert, in particular, can get the uninterrupted rest he needs for flight training.

Dave Fowler

  1. Pray that the application for the student guild to re-affiliate the Sunshine Coast Christian Students will be approved.
  2. Ask God to grant the leaders of Christian Students wisdom in dealing with the Student Guild and the university administration.
  3. Praise God for the ministry encouraging the young students on campus. Recently, former members who had left the group have returned and are actively engaging and participating.