Prayer Focus: ‘Our Missionaries’

Each week we focus our prayers around a specific topic or need, as well as one of our Core Commitments from our church vision. The prayers in our church services will reflect this, but we’d love you to be praying with us around these things in your Grace Community Groups and in your own personal prayer time.

Grace Christian Church Missionaries

Dave Fowler

Praise God for saving a student at the National Training Event in Canberra!

Pray that the students who attended the National Training Event would apply what they have learnt and grow in their faith in Jesus.

Dave Fowler is returning in January from his long service leave. Pray that God would bless him with wisdom in returning to manage a new student committee and three new staff members.

The Handasydes

Pray that Papua New Guineans will hear and believe in the good news of Jesus Christ, and grow deeper in their faith and love for him as they receive God’s word in their own language.

Praise God for the continuing partners that are supporting the Handasydes keeping them at 100%. Pray that these people would continue to be cheerful givers to their ministry.

The Marshalls

Pray for David’s continual healing from the skin graft from removing the cancer.

Praise God for His enabling and strengthening in the tough times in November (typhoon, cancer removal, etc).

Pray for God’s provision with their financial support and that they would go from 94% to 100% by 2020.

The Richards

Praise God that one of Tim’s friends, Pastor Christopher, has just had a healthy baby boy named also Christopher! Thank God for answering prayer with the baby as there were a few minor complications expected.

Pray that Tim’s last task at the college in Tanna, will be submitted by the due date.

Pray that the Richards will get some good rest during their break in the December/January period.