Prayer Focus: ‘Our Veterans and For Those Currently Serving’ (26 Apr 2020)

Each week we focus our worship service and Grace Community Group prayers on a topic or theme. Because we’re celebrating ANZAC Day this week, our prayer focus is for our veterans and for those currently serving.

  1. Thank God for those who have and are still serving in the defence of our peace and freedom
  2. For courage in adversity, safety in service and protection from harm for those currently serving, especially with the added danger of coronavirus
  3. For peace, and for physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual healing for those who have served, especially those who have sacrificed and suffered for our peace and freedom
  4. For those who will find cancelled ANZAC events particularly hard, not having the usual platform to remember and honour fallen comrades
  5. For families separated by deployment, that they would find comfort in Christ
  6. For faithfulness of followers of Jesus in our defense forces 
  7. For the gospel ministry of military chaplains to bear fruit 
  8. For governments and powers to pursue peace and justice, and for there to be an end to war

Each week, we also pray through one of the core commitments from our church vision statement. This week’s commitment is love for our neighbours.

By grace, we are committed to declare to the world that Jesus Christ is Lord, through a gospel-minded love and concern for our neighbours in our local community. 

(see Mark 12:30-31)

Pray with us that we would be outward-looking, and that we would be concerned to love our neighbours sincerely and creatively, especially in this time of fear and uncertainty.