Prayer Focus: Those Affected By Divorce (04 Aug 2019)

Each week we choose a specific focus for our prayers in our worship services and Grace Community Groups. This week we’re focusing on those who have been affected by divorce. Please pray with us

  1. for repentance and restoration, that the love of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ might win out where the love of man has failed.
  2. for those who have been divorced to find their worth, healing and wholeness in Christ alone.
  3. for single parents to have patience and strength, and dependence on the Lord in the challenges they face.
  4. for single parents to have wisdom to lead their children towards the Lord Jesus, especially where the other party has rejected Christ.
  5. for the children of broken homes and families, that they would know God as their always-faithful father.
  6. for our church family to be sensitive and compassionate towards those who have been affected by divorce, and to seek to love and care for them as Jesus would.
  7. for those who have remarried, that sins are repented of and lessons learned so that they may strive to honour Christ all the more in their marriages.

If this week’s prayer focus has raised things you would like to talk about with someone, please contact the church office to meet with one of our pastors.