Prayer Focus: Those Not At Church (19 May 2019)

Our devotional this week encourages us to think about those who have stopped fellowshipping with us, and how we might encourage them in the spirit of Hebrews 10:24-25.

There are many reasons why people may no longer come to church regularly. Here are some ways we can pray for them.

  1. Pray for those who have stopped prioritising meeting with God and his people. Pray that God would reignite in their hearts a love for Jesus and his people that would make them want to come to church.
  2. Pray for those going through struggles that have affected their church attendance. Pray that they would see fellowship with Christ’s people as essential in their struggle, rather than an additional burden.
  3. Pray for those whose schedules make it impossible to be at church regularly, that they would still be confident of the fellowship they have with us in Christ.
  4. Pray for those whose health or advanced age makes it impossible to fellowship regularly with us. Pray that the Holy Spirit would encourage and reassure them.
  5. Pray that we would all be servant-hearted and heavenly-minded enough to notice when our friends are missing, and to have the courage to make contact with them to ask how they are and how we could help them.