Prayer Focus – Upcoming Abortion Bill (14 Oct 2018)

This Tuesday (16 Oct 2018), the Queensland Parliament will vote on the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018. If this bill passes the vote, it will further normalise and entrench in our society the murdering of unborn children.




Here are nine ways you could pray about the upcoming bill and the issue of abortion in our society.


  1. That the Lord would intervene so the bill would not pass, and that lawmakers would be convicted and convinced that this is deeply wrong
  2. For lawmakers to enact positive social reform, to provide support and options for women who become pregnant in difficult situations
  3. For doctors and healthcare professionals, that they would be free to practice with freedom and integrity, and do no harm
  4. For women who become pregnant in difficult situations, that they may find the support they need
  5. That mothers would have the courage to carry “unviable” children, often against pressure from healthcare professionals, and leave their future in the hands of God
  6. For mother and fathers who carry the pain, guilt and regret of abortion, that they would find mercy, peace and forgiveness in Christ
  7. That churches would find ways to practically and sacrificially care for those who feel they have no other option but to abort
  8. For the Lord to have mercy on the 14,000 babies murdered by abortion in Queensland each year
  9. That the Lord would have mercy on our society, which is consumed with selfishness to the point of murdering its own children, and that it would be transformed by the gospel.


For more information, please visit Cherish Life Queensland, or the Australian Christian Lobby.

If you want to talk to or pray with someone about your own experience of terminating a pregnancy, please contact us.