Prayer Points (19 Aug 2017)

Each week we circulate prayer points for something we want to specifically bring before the Lord.

This week, we're praying for those affected by the severe drought in New South Wales and South West Queensland.

Please use these points to guide your prayers as you pray with us for this need

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Prayer Points

  • Thank God that, in the past, He has graciously led his people through such times, and will do so again.
  • Thank God that the dry weather gives the land a rest from its normal constant production. Pray that this results in a better response when the rains do come
  • Thank God for His people in places affected by the drought. Pray that they would be able to support and care for their neighbours well and show them the love of Jesus
  • Thank God that people in the community pull together more and support one another, and pray that they would continue to do so
  • Pray and seek the Lord for heavy soaking rain, that leads into a wet season coming out of the Winter
  • Pray for farmers trying to keep alive a core herd, that they might be able to do so and that they would be able to provide sufficient feed and water
  • Pray for those farmers that have been able to plant a small amount of Winter grain cereals under irrigation, that the crops would flourish
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs because of the droughts. Pray that they would find work and that they would be able to stay in the community until better times
  • Pray that people would turn to Jesus and not despair

About Jericho Road

Jericho Road is the mercy ministry arm of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. They work with and for PCNSW to demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need, in a way that seeks justice, shows mercy, and makes Jesus known.

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