Prayer Focus: Missions (25 Aug 2019)

Each month, our GO Team prepare prayer points to help us pray for our mission partners. Please join us as we commit them to the Lord in prayer.

The Richards

  1. Pray for Tom Richard as he leads a 1 Timothy study with Margaret Richard and some students and their wives.
  2. Pray for Margaret as she develops her relationship with Emma and Belinda (two of the ladies from the bible study). Ask God to continue to bless them and that he would give them the wisdom in order to support their husbands.
  3. Pray for Tom to be faithful during his teaching and especially for his students to be comfortable with talking about important issues.

Rob and Loralie Handasyde

  1. Praise God for the training and encouragement from being a part of the JAARS community, the friendships made, and the way we have been equipped for the future serving Him.
  2. Pray for Robert as he travels back to Canada from Brisbane to complete a final week-long course on touchdown autorotations. (Unfortunately it was training that JAARS couldn’t provide in the USA, and the holdup with the visa meant he couldn’t travel while they were in the States.)
  3. Praise God that the costs of this last bit of training are being covered by JAARS!
  4. Pray that all the steps that need to happen before their arrival in PNG will happen, at the right time! (Visas, work permits, consulate visits etc).

Dave Fowler

  1. Praise God for a recent student who has become a Christian and is showing the fruits of his conversion! Ask God to bring more non-believers to the ministry and that they also would come to know Christ!
  2. Pray for Christians to come to the bible studies and bible talks. Ask God that they would make learning about Jesus a priority during their time at university.
  3. Pray for Sarah and Dave as they lead the new evangelism and ethics training session. Pray especially that these teachings would reveal to students how Jesus affects the everything in their lives.