Recent Meetings: Presbytery and Session (Feb 2019)

Every month our church leadership meets as a Session of Elders, and every quarter our regional church elders meet together as a Presbytery. Below you will find some of the outcomes of those meetings

WPC-Q Presbytery (16 Feb 2019)

Dan Bosshard presenting on evangelism

The Presbytery met on 16 February at Christian Community Church Pacific Paradise. Elders were present from our churches in Pacific Paradise, Morayfield, Redbank Plains, Buderim and Belconnen (ACT).

  1. An opening devotion and a toolbox session were presented by Pacific Paradise, focussing on evangelism from our local churches
  2. Reports were heard from churches and committees (including our regional ministries at Kilkivan and Monto) and were followed with prayer
  3. The Book of Church Order Review Committee was dismissed with thanks, as a national committee is due to be established at the 23rd National Assembly in May 2019.
  4. The Presbytery voted against a National Assembly resolution to amend the Book of Church Order, which would have removed the immediate past Moderator from the makeup of a Presbytery Moderators’ Committee
  5. The Presbytery discussed ways to strengthen our relationships between our churches, and between the Presbytery and local churches. This discussion will continue at the next meeting.
  6. Rev John Butler (Buderim) and Mr Rod Abbott (Redbank Plains) were appointed to visit WPC Belconnen quarterly for ongoing care and support, with travel costs covered the Presbytery
  7. A letter of resignation was received from Rev Craig Johnson (WPC Belconnen, ACT)
  8. Delegates were nominated to attend the 23rd National Assembly of WPC at Crosswords Church, Armadale (WA), from 5-9 May 2019. John Butler and Clint Lombard will represent Grace Buderim.
  9. Mr Rod Abbot (Redbank Plains) was reelected to serve as Moderator for another year

Grace Church Buderim Session (25 February 2019)

Our Session met on 25 February 2019.

  1. Tim Richards led a devotion from James 3:13-18, on godly wisdom.
  2. We prayed for the needs and joys of our church family
  3. Recent attendance at services was noted, and we gave thanks for the many newcomers who have returned
  4. We took note of those who haven’t attended in the last few weeks, and planned to follow up with them
  5. We discussed ideas to reach our local community with the gospel, and Des Morris was appointed to develop some of these ideas
  6. Kathy Joyce was appointed to co-ordinate our Sunday School ministry
  7. It was agreed to fund a subscription for new projection software for one year, to serve our ministry better

If you have any questions about the above, or about how our church is led, please contact an elder directly or email