Recent Meetings: Session (4 Feb 2019)

The Session of Grace Christian Church Buderim met in a regular meeting on Monday evening, 4 February 2019. The meeting had been scheduled for the previous Monday, but was moved to 4 February to accommodate the schedules of members of the Session. Present for the meeting were the Moderator, Pastor John Butler, Pastor Clint Lombard, and Ruling Elders Des Morris and Tim Richards. Ruling Elder Bray Joyce was excused due to ill health.

After a devotion from Clint Lombard from Mark 10:35-45 on servant leadership, the Session shared prayer concerns and praises and spent a season in prayer.

Various matters were considered by the Session, among which were:

  • – A discussion of attendance at our worship services and music at them
  • – A discussion of various ministries of the church that have restarted or are restarting this week after the summer break
  • – A discussion on outreach and evangelism efforts in the congregation of both a formal and informal nature, in response to a letter  to the Session
  • – Approval of ministry guidelines for ‘Church Life Spots’ in our worship services
  • – A discussion of our missionary support roster and making more regular support payments to them
  • – Approval of expenses for our pastors to attend National Assembly in May in Armadale, WA
  • – Approval of our new Elder Care Program, for elders to proactively care for our church family
  • – Approval of the treasurer’s report and authorization for the purchase of an ATO-mandated reporting software subscription
  • – Approval of an increase in coverage for the church’s property and liability insurance policy and authorization of the treasurer to act for the Session
  • – Approval of matters relating to the Mid-Year Business Meeting, scheduled for Sunday, 24 February 2019
  • – Approval of Ellie Halvorsen, for her Cert III in Christian Ministry, church placement this school year
  • – Discussion of the process of soliciting input from the congregation on reviewing the Vision and Mission Statement for the church.

The Session will meet in its next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, 25 February 2019, at 7pm at the church building (Lord willing).