Recent Meetings – June Session Meeting (21 June 2018)

Please find below a summary of our recent Session meeting for June 2018. Thank you for your prayers as our leaders gather to shepherd Jesus’ church here in Buderim.


  1. John Butler led a devotion from Matthew 1, reminding us how God uses even the weak and the sinful (like us!) to fulfill his plans and purposes
  2. Time was spent in prayer for our meeting and the needs of our congregation, for our upcoming Bible Holiday Club outreach, and for grace for those suffering from illness and old age


  1. Three applicants were recommended for membership following completion of the Next Steps course and pastoral interviews. The recommendations were upheld and reception into membership scheduled for Sunday 2 July 2018.


  1. A financial report was tabled which showed a surplus for most months to date. Tim Richards led prayer thanking the Lord for his generous provision through his people
  2. A Budget Committee was appointed to prepare a budget for 2018/2019 ahead of our AGM in September
  3. New signatories were approved for the church bank accounts
  4. It was moved to provide additional support for the Butlers, to cover expenses in the US which allow them to serve with us in Australia temporarily (e.g. storage, disability and life insurances). This will be paid as Ministry Expenses.
  5. It was also moved that this payment be backdated and paid out to them to cover expenses incurred to date (John left the room during these discussions).
  6. Recent damage to and failure of our solar system has led the installation company to offer a replacement system at no charge, and to offer an upgraded and greater-capacity replacement system at minimal cost. It was moved that this be accepted.
  7. It was moved that the shortfall for the recent men’s camp be covered from available funds. Accounts are still being finalised, but the shortfall appears minimal.


  1. Service Attendance 7.45am averages 68 attendees each week, and 9.30am averages 60 (includes children). It was noted that attendance varies significantly from week to week.
  2. Buildings and Grounds security lights around the building have been replaced, and there is a Working Bee scheduled for 28 July 2018
  3. Men’s Camp 14 men attended and had a blessed time together
  4. Officer Training Nominees are currently completing their written assignments and will examined on 14 July 2018
  5. Sunday School While this ministry is going well, a need for more teachers and helpers remains

Other Items

  1. It was moved that Rob and Loralie Handasyde be taken on as formal Mission Partners
  2. Final contract and job description was approved for our Ministry Support Secretary

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact any of the elders or pastors.