Recent Meetings – November Session Meeting (27 Nov 2018)

Here’s a brief summary of this month’s session meeting. Thank you for praying for our church leaders!

  1. Brad Joyce opened the meeting reading from 1 Corinthians 1:10-2:6.
  2. Session appointed Brad Joyce as clerk of session from our next regular meeting
  3. Time was spent praying for those in need in our church family, as well as upcoming events in the life of our church
  4. The upcoming congregational meeting on 2 Dec was discussed, including the feedback received from church members as elders have been making contact
  5. An agenda was circulated for the upcoming Leaders’ Vision and Planning Meeting on 8 Dec.
  6. Changes to the make-up of the GO Team were noted, with the Handasyde family planning to relocate to the US in the new year to continue preparation for ministry in PNG
  7. Session moved to redirect funds to support Karen Hopping to the Handsyde family, as Karen is preparing to leave the field.

If you have any questions about the above, or anything else about our church, please contact any of the elders. Their contact details are available in the weekly bulletin. You may also email